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strange works of nice students that were difficult to correct

  1. ripv2: exa-netadv-2020-ripv2-mm-1
  2. dhcp relay agent: dhcp-relay-agent-troubleshooting
  3. vlans: oef-netadv-vlans-troubleshooting
  4. ssh: oef-netadv-troubleshooting-ssh
  5. routing on a stick: troubleshoot-r-o-s
  6. static routing: static.routing-2-troubleshooting

1. ripv2: exa-netadv-2020-ripv2-mm-1
pc2 -ping- r2 -> yes
pc2 >> pc3 -> yes
pc2 >> pc1 -> unreachable
pc3 >> pc1 -> unreachable
subnetten: >> R1-R2 >> R2-R3 >> R1-R3
rip router R1
netwerk vergeten in R1

3. vlans
this is what we found in the show run for fa0/1:
! interface FastEthernet0/1 switchport access vlan 81 switchport trunk native vlan 81 switchport mode access !

adjust on both switches:
int fa0/1 switchport mode trunk no switchport access vlan81

then this is the result and it works
interface FastEthernet0/1 switchport trunk native vlan 81 switchport mode trunk
troubleshooting: oef 4 ssh: oef-netadv-troubleshooting-ssh

wat werkt niet ... vanaf pc-ssh:

C:\>ssh -l exa2018
[Connection to closed by foreign host]

C:\>ssh -l exa2018
[Connection to closed by foreign host]

wat werkt wel:

de vlans kunnen pingen naar mekaar
de pc ssh kan pingen naar de twee switches

na wat opzoekwerk:

S1 console password: ssh12345
enable password: exa2018
ssh: user: weareroot, paswoord exa2018

username weareroot secret 5 $1$mERr$UxBgBh7ZY5G6.u8WbpR6V1
(secret is zelfde als secret van enable secret)

S1(config)#crypto key gen rsa
% Please define a domain-name first.

S1(config)#ip domain-name wtf.uk
S1(config)#crypto key gen rsa
The name for the keys will be: S1.wtf.uk

now it works

troubleshooting: oef 5 routing on a stick: troubleshoot-r-o-s.pkt
-- kabel van pc101 in een poort op vlan1
-- configure ROS
R-O-S(config)# int fa0/1
R-O-S(config-if)# no ip addr

R-O-S(config-if)# int fa0/1.1
R-O-S(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1Q 1
R-O-S(config-subif)# ip addr
R-O-S(config-subif)# no shut

configure S1
S1(config)#int fa0/1
S1(config-if)#switchport trunk native vlan 1
(of een andere vlan als dit in de opgave staat)

pc101 plaatsen op een switchpoort in vlan1

uit de show run
C:\>ssh -l teacher // guess: password ssh12345
connected to ROS
C:\>ssh -l teacher Password: ssh12345
connected to S1