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EIGRP command guide
Router(config)# router eigrp 100

  • Turns on the EIGRP process. 100 is the autonomous system (AS) number, which can be a number between 1 and 65,535. All routers in the same autonomous system must use the same autonomous system number.

Router(config-router)# network

  • Specifies which network to advertise in EIGRP.

Router(config-if)# bandwidth x

  • Sets the bandwidth of this interface to x kilobits to allow EIGRP to make a better metric calculation.
    NOTE: this command is entered at the interface command prompt (config-if) and not in the router process prompt (config-router). The setting can differ for each interface to which it is applied.
    TIP: the bandwidth command is used for metric calculations only. It does not change interface performance.

Router(config-router)# eigrp log-neighbor-changes

  • Changes with neighbors will be displayed.

Router(config-router)# no network

  • Removes the network from the EIGRP process.

Router(config)# no router eigrp 100

  • Disables routing process 100 and removes the entire EIGRP configuration from the running configuration.

Router(config-router)# network

  • identifies which interfaces or networks to include in EIGRP. Interfaces must be configured with addresses that fall within the wildcard mask range of the network statement. A network mask can also be used here.