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PT-oefeningen op switches

  1. switch concepts
    basic switch management:
    • leer connecteren via terminal op seriële poort,
    • commando: hostname
    • commando interface vlan
    • commando switchport (mode access en access vlan)
    • commando line console en line vty
    • tftp
  2. basic switch security (no ssh)
  3. VLAN terminologie
    Default VLAN: ports unassigned go to VLAN1
    Management VLAN: destined to SSH-access via line VTY (also called SVI)
    Native VLAN: used on TRUNK lines
    SVI: Switch virtual Interface -- the not physical interface on a specific VLAN to carry SSH management access.
  4. Allerlei Advanced CCNA3
    configure VTP: e3-4332
    examine redundant design: e3-5133
    configure STP: e3-5254
    configure WLAN access: e3-7324