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netops is

  • logging (past) (the entire network)
  • visualisatie (present) (our network)
  • roll out (ansible / puppet / scripting) ( is ook sysbeheer)
  • burn in (test-try before you run) (some machines)
  • backups (scripting) ( is ook sysbeheer)
  • updates ( is ook sysbeheer)

  • software defined network (changeable and adaptive)
    ---> that's in the cloud, not exactly in the classroom

netops volgens cisco:

Orchestration and automation

This is the core principle of the NetOps approach. Orchestration and automation techniques borrowed from DevOps are applied to tasks in network operations.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analysis are used to guide decisions on network changes. Automated operations increase agility by reducing change windows and enhance reliability by being less error-prone.

Analytics and data

Collection and analysis of network data is essential for anticipating problems, optimizing performance, and managing the network footprint.

Network agility

NetOps leads networks away from static systems and into dynamic networks that can stretch between locations when necessary. The networks can be segmented from each other on other occasions.

The need for increased agility is compounded by the need for automation. This leads to the use of combined overlay and underlay networks that allow the physical network (static) and the virtual network (more dynamic) to be managed from a single point.


Network security combines multiple layers of defenses at the edge and in the network. Each network security layer implements policies and controls. Authorized users gain access to network resources, but malicious actors are blocked from carrying out exploits and threats.



drawing (pt) + doc

  • documentation met adressen


  • 1 x ganglia op ubuntu 22.04 (student netbeheer2)
  • 1 x syslog op ubuntu 16.04
  • 1 x win10 (ova)
  • 1 x linuxMINT 21

alle machines loggen op de syslog van ubu-16.04
op de ubuntu16 en op de mint 21 staan burnin en test tools
die zichtbaar zouden moeten worden op de ganglia